A Nursery

RELBONET has established a tree seedling nursery to produce its own tree seedlings for the tree planting / afforestation projects. We at RELBONET consider it a strategic investment for us. The nursery has been developed as part of our programme with the objective to give us quick and reliable access to seedlings and to reduce the costs of tree planting projects.


Students with seedlings

RELBONET is setting up eco-clubs in primary schools, with the objective of educating young people about Climate Change. The eco-club is an intervention for educating the youth to be conscious of the threats to the environment and empowering them to be responsible in making choices and taking action to protect the environment.

RELBONET and KASA/Care workshop on Policy Advocacy for CSOs

RELBONET and Ahlssunna Wal Jamaa Conference on Climate Change for Islamic Leaders at the World Bank Office in Accra

RELBONET and Abantu Workshop on Gender issues in Climate Change, held 26th – 27th June, 2013 in Accra