About Us

RELBONET is an inter-faith, member-based network of Religious Bodies in Ghana who are committed to taking action on Climate Change. We bring together Religious Bodies to work together in addressing the effects of Climate Change.

The Religious Bodies’ Network on Climate Change, RELBONET, was formed in July, 2010 as the major Faith Based Organization in Ghana that is devoted to work in the area of Climate Change, by bringing together religious bodies in addressing the effects of Climate Change. RELBONET commands the respect and confidence of over 85% of Ghana’s population.


RELBONET is composed of the following Faith Bodies:

  1. Evangelical Presbyterian Church – Lead Organization
  2. Presbyterian Church of Ghana
  3. Methodist Church
  4. Church of Pentecost
  5. Assemblies of God
  6. Catholic Church of Ghana
  7. Tijaniyya Muslim Movement
  8. Ahmmadiya Muslim Mission
  9. Al Sunna wal’ Jamaa
  10. Federation of Muslim Women Organizations
  11. Ghana Muslim Mission
  12. Bethel Deliverance Mission International
  13. Independent Churches of Ghana.


Affiliated Institutions:

  1. Christian Council of Ghana
  2. Ghana National Catholic Secretariat
  3. Office of the National Chief Imam
  4. Ghana Pentecostal and Charismatic Council
  5. Council of Independent Churches.

RELBONET has presence countrywide in Ghana. It has also established the identity as a major faith–based organization with the from its membership to speak on matters of Climate Change.


Our Vision

RELBONET is inspired by the liberating messages of the Holy Bible and Holy Quran and the Ministry and Teachings of Jesus Christ and the Prophet Mohammed, and Tenets of Traditional Religion and other Faith Bodies that enjoin mankind to be responsible stewards of our environment. Our vision, therefore, is a world where all people are responsible stewards of God’s creation where climate change is no longer a problem.


Our Mission

Our mission is to be the lead advocate and actor on issues of Climate Change and sustainable development in Ghana and beyond, based on our faiths and beliefs.


Our Objectives

  1. Engage policy makers and project implementers regularly to positively influence policies on Climate Change
  2. Provide information, education and communication (IE&C) on Climate Change issues to the public
  3. Strengthen organisational capacity through the building of adequate and efficient human resource base
  4. Promote mutual understanding, respect, tolerance and trust among member organisations
  5. Mobilize funds for programme implementation.


Legal and Regulatory Framework

RELBONET is registered with the Registrar-General’s Department as a Faith Based Organization, limited by guarantee under the Companies’ Code of Ghana, and it has a constitution.


Governance Structure
RELBONET has a five member Advisory Board that includes a Woman made up of very seasoned Development Consultants, Academics and Ministers of Religion. The Management Board is the highest policy making body for RELBONET. Management Team [Steering Committee] is next in the hierarchy. The Thirteen members represent the various member organizations of the Network. The Team guides and supports the Secretariat in the day to day work. These bodies are served by a National Secretariat located at Evangelical Presbyterian Church Premises at Osu Kuku – Hill in Accra. The secretariat is managed by a National Coordinator and a secretary.